The Common Theme – BLACK – Monday the 30th of June

I saw The Black Keys play at The Civic last Thursday, and my goodness they were good!

Dan Auerbach – the lead singer – had an incredible ( & sexy ) voice, although his beard was a teeny bit Charles Manson-esque, which was somewhat concerning. Brilliant brilliant gig!!

SO I thought it only appropriate to do a Common Theme surrounding the colour black. Also there is a good amount of fodder out there, so I think I can touch on most genres here!


The Black Keys – Girl Is On My Mind

Blackaclicious – Alphabet Aerobics

The Black Seeds – Turn It Around

Black Grass – Oh Jah

Black Market Art – I Want to Die

A teensy wee snippet of Michael Jackson – Black or White !

Muse – Supermassive Black Hole

The White Stripes – Black Math

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Weight of the World

Thom Yorke – Black Swan

The Black Angels – Black Grease

The Black Keys – Strange Times

Arcade Fire – Black Mirror

I do hope I pleased some of you out there, any ideas for themes are welcomed with open arms!!




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