RDU Drive Show with Camo – Tuesday 8th July

Yo yo mofos,

Unfortunately due to a mechanical fault, the post decided it didnt like all the previous tracks posted here from the show and has eaten them all up . . . so just the tunes from the Hour of Power are all yours to gander listeners!

Like what you hear? give us a holla and shout us up some props!

Dont like what you hear? then hit us up with a request!

Hour of Power Track List

6:00 True Romance, D-Bridge

6:05 Everythings Different, High Contrast ( Calibre Remix )

6:10 The Prayer, Block Party ( Break & Silent Witness Remix )

6:15 Ganga, Visionary ( Majistrate Remix )

6.20 Power of Ra, Ebony Dubsters ( G-Dub Remix )

6:35 Dark Times, Bulletproof & Gridlok & Mc Dino

6:40 Load Rocket, Computer Club ( Gridlok Remix )

6:45 Oiled up, The Upbeats

6:50 The Cooler, Black Sun Empire ( Audio Remix )

6:55 Stompbox, The Qemists ( Spor Remix )

Churr to all the slimey, grimey heads for tuning in and getting your skank on, and a Big Ups to the crew down at Revolution for making it happen.

Same time, same station, catch ya next week



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