Tuesday Drive with Camo

Hellllllllllooooooooooooo RDU!!!

Another week, another drive show and another Hour of Power to tickle the drum-funk desires of all listeners out there!

Slick wee lineup for the show tonight, taking you from a selection of smooth funky tunes right through to the deep darkness of Dnb as we know it. Enjoy!


. . . Drive Show tracklist is as follows . . .


-Seeker, Stanton Warriors ( What What What rmx )

-Unknown, Cotti & Cluekid

-Kaleidoscope, Little Pictures

-Reminiscing, Unknown ( Skream rmx )

-Too much violence, The Clean

-System, Nu:Tone ( Matrix & Futurebound rmx )

-Sideways, Kolab

-Up in the VIP, Tes la Rock & Uncle Sam

-Die Die Die, Dj Vadim feat Big Red

-We do this, Krafty Kuts & Dynamite Mc

-Shooting stars, S Knight

-Burn them Bridges, The Grates

-With me or against me, D Ramirez ( TC rmx )

-Weird Science, Danny Byrd

-Back to my roots, Total Science feat Tiki Taane

-Elvis, These New Puritans

-Snake eater, Joker

-Cant test me, Benny Page

-Step out, Benny Page

-Unknown, Dj Zinc feat Warrior Queen

-Turn it up, Rogue State feat Sizla

-Country Living, Snypa Levi


. . . Hour of Power Tracklkist is as follows . . .


-Machine, Logistics

-Hard knocks, Brookes Brothers

-Ask not, Q project

TOKEN WOBBLE TUNE – Super sharp shooter, Dj Zinc

-Tense past, Cern

-Diplidocous, Noisia

-Real McCoy, State of Mind ( BSE rmx )

-Same old blues, Apex

-Vigilante, Audio


And there we have it, the end of another Tuesday. Thanks to all who tuned in, all who text in and to Revoltution for making it all happen!

Be sure to let us know of any tunes you want to hear or hit us up with some props if your lovin whats already there.

Til next week, ezzzz



 Thats one funky monkey!!!

Complements of www.damienmason.com

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