The Common Theme – SUB POP RECORDS – Wednesday 23rd of July

Indeed ’tis Wednesday and I am here!

Firstly Merci to Brett for swapping this week! Muchly appreciated!

Well so I think my love for Ninja Tunes is only rivaled by love for Sub Pop records.

Again, I could have played Sub Pop till Kurt Cobain was reincarnated but alas one hour would have to suffice.

Subpop was born in 1980 as a fanzine called ” Subterranean Pop ” which also gave mixtapes away with its magazine. Eventually it morphed in to the record label we know it as today! They began famous in the early 80’s for signing Nirvana, Soundgarden & Mudhoney.

Righto this will be a somewhat miniature Common Theme today, due to an interview with the lovely Paul McLaney which ran a teensy bit over time.

So lets begin with the brilliant. . .

Float On – Modest Mouse

New Slang – The Shins

Boy With a Coin – Iron & Wine

Loopy Loopy Love – The Brunettes

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight – The Postal Service

The Argument – Fugazi

Whoo! Alright, yeah uh huh – The Rapture

Hiphopopotamus vs Ryhmenocerous – Flight of the Conchords ( party of Subpop dontchaknow)

The Day I Tried To Live – Soundgarden

Hope you enjoyed, sorry so short! Might have to do a part two soon. So much music, such little time!!

Love Anniexx

p.s. Have I ever told you that I love cupcakes?

Enjoy this visual treat !


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