The Common Theme – STYLE – Monday 28th of July

Ok so it’s The Dog Ate my Homework version of a Common Theme & I do apologise.

Will be better prepared next week I promise Scouts Honour!!

SO todays theme is devoted to bands whose looks or styles are bit out there!!

Enjoy !

Son Et Lumiere & Inertiac Esp – The Mars Volta ( crazy hair )

Mollys Chambers – The Kings of Leon ( they looked like Bread and or lumberjacks when they started out )

Take a Chance – The Magic Numbers ( frumpy yet adorable)

Downtown – Peaches ( always dresses like some crazy bondage slut )

Future Cities – So So Modern ( they wear crazy kaftan inspired spacesuits )

My Piano – Hot Chip ( geeks of all shapes & sizes!)

Silent Shout – The Knife ( they wear masks on stage)

Every You Every Me – Placebo ( Brian Molko is rather androgynous)

Archangel – Burial ( he hides! who knows what his style is! I like it)

Below is a photo of me at a recent family reunion.

Not really, its Peaches. I’m not as well endowed as she.

Is that a large inflatable cock in your thighs Peaches or are you just glad to see me ?

Love Anniexx


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