Friday Drive with Dr H – 31st October 2008

Hi there, here is what I played on my show on RDU tonight. Is there anything that really caught your ear? Anything that blew you off? Let me know, either leave a comment or send me an email starliftertv (at) gmail (dot) com


CSS – move (Cut Copy remix)
Ladyhawke – dusk til dawn (Linus Loves remix)
{Surf Report}

The Draytones

The Draytones

The Draytones – after all
I Heart Hiroshima – candy cut
Van She – cat & the eye
So So Modern – clean up step up
Happy Mondays – staying alive (12″ remix)
The Go-Betweens – going blind
Goldie – saint angel
Concord Dawn – guardian angel

Vibrasics – flick the switch (Dunedin, NZ)
James Pants – cosmic rapp
Reks – stages
[Bristol Graffiti Feature – DJ Lean] Download from here
<right click on “here” and select “save link as”>
Fujiya & Miyagi – knickerbocker
Oasis – the turning
[Nu Noyzzzze] The Exchange – fat man in a tie
Sheba – philistine
The Deceivers – rumour and sigh
[Interview – Tes La Roc]
Uncle Sam – round the world girls (Tes La Roc remix)

6pm – Starlifter.TV Showcase
Garageland – beelines to heaven
The Doors – love me two times
The Scavengers – mysterex
Nirvana – negative creep
Cougar Cougar Cougar – fast times & cheap thrills
The Datsuns – cruel cruel fate
The Rock and Roll Machine – rock and roll machine
The Strokes – 12:51
{Gig Guide}
DJ Kicks – Erlend Oye – Tracks 4-8
James Pants – i choose you
Rex The Dog – i can see you, can you see me?

Dr H


Annies Common Theme….Wow that band sounds just like “insertbandhere”

Wow it would appear that I am the only one to actually update this blog now! All the other lazy drive tarts have slacked right off! Harumphy to them! I shall claim this blog as my own then perhaps.

Soooo you know how sometimes you hear a song & or band & you say Wow….you sound EXACTLY like insert name here?? Well this is the theme devoted to that?

Disagree or agree? Have any others to add? Or even better…any theme ideas for me??? Love to hear from you! I’ll raid the prize cupboard for your efforts.

Righto friends let’s crack on . . .

Obstacle 1 – Interpol

Interpol & Joy Division are very similar….especially the voices of Paul Banks & Ian Curtis. And both excellent!  (To say I used to be a wee teensy bit obsessed with Interpol would be an understatement )

Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division

Minds Eye – Wolfmother

Communication Breakdown – Led Zeppelin

Here is Wolfmother covering Communication Breakdown by Led Zep

Black & Gold – Olmecha Supreme . . . sounds quite like The Roots – always a good thing!!

Pussy Galore – The Roots

l.e.s artistes – Santogold

Bucky Done Gun ( DJ Marlboro remix ) – M.I.A.

Nothing But Green Lights – Tom Vek

Once in a Lifetime – Talking Heads

Under Control – The Strokes

I’m Waiting For the Man – The Velvet Underground

I have to be nice to Bill this week – he’s getting married this weekend!! Exciting!

With many thanks & kisses to Gareth & Anna F who helped me with this show!!



Annies Common Theme – The 43rd NZ Music Awards

The 43rd Annual NZ Music Awards were held at the Vector Arena in Auckland last week, so I thought we would have a look at who the big winners were . . .

Tangaroa – Tiki Taane – Best Aotearoa Roots Album

Ladies of the World – Flight of the Conchords – International Achievement Award, Album of the Year, Best Group & Breakthrough Artist of the Year

Gather to the Chapel – Liam Finn – Best Male Solo Artist

Her Hairagami Set – The Brunettes – C4 Best Music Video by Ian Hart

Emotional Funk – Recloose – Best Dance/Electronica Album

And now for the some of the brilliant acts who also ran . . .

Bleaching Sun – The Phoenix Foundation

Still Fond – Cut Off Your Hands

Skankenstein – Kora

Tapestry Live – Shapeshifter

Hope you enjoyed my wee Kiwi music expose!

If you have any ideas for  themes please don’t hold back!! Call me in the studio on 348 8610 or email me

Till next week . . .

Much love


Hitchcock Tailender – Session 1 – Filandia and Disaronno [Video]

Hi there!
On Friday 3rd October we had the very first Hitchcock Tailender Cocktail Session on Friday Drive. It’s gonna happen on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. This month we have Jules from The Dux making cocktails containing Filandia Vodka and Disaronno Ameritto.
See ya next time!

Dr H

Annies Common Theme – Amazing Band, Shite Song

Ah yes, they have all had moments they are not proud of us. Quite like each of us too I am sure!

A wee informative look at these moments…

Beans – Nirvana

Let Robeson Sing – Manic Street Preachers

The Laughing Gnome – David Bowie

Lewis – Radiohead

Maxwells Silver Hammer – The Beatles

Now on to their finer moments…

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

Motorcycle Emptiness – Manic Street Preachers

China Girl – David Bowie

Everything In It’s Place – Radiohead

Blackbird – The Beatles