Indie pop, you don’t stop

A fair change from last week’s hip hop adventure – having a look at another genre I love so; indie/twee pop. Mainly just a random trip around the world, listening to some nice bedroom pop, and all star-shiny-girl/boy-sweetness. Awwwwwwwww!

Belle & Sebastian – You Don’t Send Me

Biff Bang Pow! – She Haunts

Cars Can Be Blue – Dirty Song

M83 – Kim & Jessie

School of Seven Bells – Conjuur

The Ruby Suns – Remember

The Gladeyes – Sixtyeight

The Gladeyes – Bad Town Blues

Those Dancing Days – Those Dancing Days

Laasko – Drop Out

Lullatone – Good Morning Melody

Little Pictures – I’m Not Scared

AIH- New Beatz


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Tom Cosm – heaps good strong board [song review by Thom]

‘Heaps Good Strong Board’ is the latest offering from Christchurch musician Tom Cosm, a man well renowned for his musical mana, his grippingly interactive website and all round willingness to give you a great big musical backrub. Not only does this wee number come free of charge from his website (, but it is accompanied with a barrage of tips and advice on how to get behind the decks yourself. This track is unmistakable Cosm at his foot stomping best, and while he has laid the foundations of the cut with his distinctive glitchy, yet water tight electro inferno, he keeps up the interest by painting over the ‘Tom-foolery’ with a number of inter-textual pop culture references, sound bytes and alarmingly recognisable voiceovers. For a man who puts TV on par with doing dishes or filing tax returns, I was blown away by how many of these I recognised. Simply put, this track is as hooky as a tackle shop, and takes the listener on a dance ridden journey, from the opening Animal Collectivesque intro to the ‘four to the floor’ final stanza. At price that will set you back about as much as air does these days, it is guaranteed to make your toes move. Get it now!

The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die – new album and free song download





The Prodigy return with the release of their fifth studio album and a free download.

Invaders Must Die’ is 40 minutes of having your head battered by future nostalgia, serotonin levels twisted by feel-good horrorcore and your synapses snapped by whiplash attitude. It’s the sound of The Prodigy mixing up genres, contorting the past and rewiring the future, ram-raiding through the tranquility of music’s status quo like a blot on the landscape of England’s dreaming.

The first thing you notice about Invaders Must Die it is how complete it sounds, a consistent collection of bangers all firing from the same cannon. The next thing you notice about Invaders Must Die is just how melodic it is. Not just melody in the vocal sense but in the heyday-of-hardcore keyboard-hookline sense. Yes, if The Prodigy have learned anything from the hugely successful live shows was that those old skool rave anthems still rock hard – and are every bit as iconic to their generation as punk was to the nation’s forty-somethings.

So Invaders Must Die is awash with references to the free party generation, thundering along like the mother of all E-rushes, all hairs tingling, spine jumping and lips buzzing. But not a retroactive arms-in-the-air, water-sharing nostalgia trip, but a set fuelled by punk’s saliva-dripping rabid snarl.  Take ‘Colours’, the first tune The Prodigy recorded for this set with it’s 1992 polysynth riffing that sounds like The Stranglers’ ‘No More Heroes’ parachuted into the middle of a Castlemorton circa 1992. Or ‘Thunder’, the 21st century bastard child of the classic ‘Out of Space’.

‘Take Me To The Hospital’ finds Keith and Maxim flexing over a vintage Prodigy riff. Suitably rusted, distorted and in need of urgent medication it bites like the soundtrack to Dante’s Inferno. While the live favourite

‘World’s On Fire’ resurrects a ‘flaming’ theme and applies it to a groove straight out second album ‘Music for the Jilted Generation. ‘Omen’ and ‘Warrior’s Dance’ are both beamed straight into the moshpit from rave central, while ‘Piranha’ rips the threads from the back of 60’s garage and beats it into the filthy gutters of modern urban life.

Any old skool bonhomie floating around the riffs of this album are quickly slaughtered by ‘Run With The Wolves’ where The Prodigy’s self-assured, gang-minded campaign turns into a maniacal, nose bleeding, heads-against-the-wall warzone. With added drum-pounding energy supplied by Dave Grohl.

And finally Invaders Must Die delivers its last brilliant twist with ‘Stand Up’ a horn-led sunrise anthem that aches with the positivity of a new dawn, walking the line of a burning horizon with the swaggering look of satisfaction that only comes when you instinctively know you’ve achieved what you set out to do.

Cocky? Perhaps, but wouldn’t you be if you’d seen off all of the invaders with your most complete album yet, the first for your own record label?

Invaders Must Die is the unique sound of The Prodigy, still trespassing after all these years, walking the path they’ve created for themselves. And with that free party attitude still breaking and entering where other’s can

only dream of following.


The Prodigy will be giving away a free download of the brilliant title track ‘Invaders Must Die’ available from the band’s website on Wednesday November 26th from 7.30pm for one week only.

There will also be a High Definition video download of ‘Invaders Must Die’ available from 12 noon on Nov 28th as part of the Xbox ‘Xtival campaign’. Featuring the screenwriter and star of Kidulthood and Adulthood, Noel Clarke, this will be available for free until Dec 5th on the Xtival channel on Xbox Live.

To find out more go to

The video will also be streamed from


1. Invaders Must Die

2. Omen

3. Thunder

4. Colours

5. Take Me To The Hospital

6. Warrior’s Dance

7. Run With The Wolves

8. Omen Reprise

9. World’s On Fire

10. Piranha

11. Stand Up

“We have found a common cause – it’s your money” – The Reunion Theme

A wee profile of bands who have separated then reunited.


Monkeys Gone to Heaven – The Pixies

Calling On – Weta

Cherub Rock – Smashing Pumpkins

No Bones – Dinosaur Jr

Body Blow – Headless Chickens

I Want You Back – Jackson 5

inter view with Bill Grundy & The Sex Pistols

Orgasm Addict – Buzzcocks


Hip hop, you don’t stop

Hello. Things started out pretty old-school on The Shared Drive Home, taking a look at the roots of hip-hop, before moving through the years, and taking a look around NZ.

Grandmaster Flash – The Message

Afrika Bambaataa – Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun

Eric B & Rakim – I Ain’t No Joke

Boogie Down Productions – I’m Still #1

De La Soul – Eye Know

N.W.A – Express Yourself

Ice Cube – A Gangsta’s Fairytale

Dam Native – The Majestic

Dark Tower – The Baggy Trousers Project

Trillion – Super Size My Aspartame

Mos Def – Mathematics

Tourettes – Love Song 1026

Choice! Tourettes is mean, and he’s coming to play at the Wunderbar on Dec 7th – check it out!

Places To Visit – Annies Common Theme – Monday 17th of November

Bonjour mes petits pois!

I am back after an unpleasant run in with norovirus! Yikes! Today is an ode to places to visit ( really – songs with places in the title teehee ) Hope you enjoyed it as much as I!

Australia – The Shins

Santa Cruz (You’re Not That Far) – The Thrills

Marching Bands of Manhattan – Death Cab for Cutie

Sweet Virginia – Gomez

Munich – Editors

California Waiting – The Kings of Leon

Denmark – The Chemical Brothers

Hiroshima Station – Rhombus

Alone in Kyoto – Air

Paris s’enflamme – Ladyhawke

Aotearoa – Trinity Roots

Ooh ooh and if you would like my handy dandy egg nogg recipe I shall post it here next week so remember to check back!!

Au revoir

xxx Annie xxx