Wed Drive with David… up, up and away!

Hello! So, I’ve finjally figured out how to ‘blog’, and use a com-puter. Now I can share what I’m playing with you…


Started off with A Low Hum Spring 2008 Compilation – 5 sweet tracks out from ALH *=FREE EP download from!

Over he Atlantic – Loveless Devotion

*Red Steers – Pointe Du Lac

*Mount Pleasant – There are no Roots

*Secret Knives – Cage

Psychic Powers – Wellington

Ziko – Needle in a haystack

-Giggy Guide-

Auckland pop/indie adventure…

Trees Climbing Trees – Baby Please Don’t Go … Their lead singer Djeisan Suskov’s solo project is…

Cool Rainbows – Let’s Just Be Together … Who’s Myspace friends with…

The Glory Sea – Winters Ball … Who are playing with…

Pink Fluffy Islands – Starlit Fields … Who probably know…

Needles and Bees – Reborn … Some members of which are also in…

Bad Bride – Sarah Marie … … … … who, along with most others in the list, afre friends with…

Actor Slash Model – I Dot Heart.

And then just a couple of extra tracks

Boy Eat All – untitled



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