Hot tunes with David

Kicked things off with some hip hop…

Tommy Ill – Matchsticks

Q – Tip – Gettin’ Up

The Roots – Rising Up

The Knux – Daddy’s Little Girl

Nas – The World Is Yours

Coco Solid – Electrik Love

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And then in to a bit of pop n’ stuff…

Belle And Sebastian – The Blues Are Still Blue

The Teenagers – Starlett Johanson (Connan Mockasin Remix)

Metronomy – Thing For Me

The Sneaks – La Week Des Sneaks

Pig Out – Revenge

Of Montreal – She’s A Rejector


RDU Streaming Online

Hi all,

We seem to have some issues with the RDU stream and some Flash players at the mo.

Here is a little work around if you use iTunes. Go to the menu bar at the top of the window and click on advanced. Then click on “Open Audio Stream” and then enter “” you should start hearing RDU loud and clear. If you use another audio playing look for an option that lets you play an audio stream or a web stream.

If you need any help please don’t hesitate to email me: pd (at) rdu (dot) org (dot) nz.

Dr H

Hey Hey My My Rock and Roll will never die. Neil Young at the 2009 Big Day Out.

[Image from

Its been a long time coming, twenty odd years, give or take, that I have been waiting to see one of the few people in music who I can honestly say changed my life.

Neil Young, born November 12th 1945, rock and roll legend, guitar hero, Canadian, and more recently cited as the Godfather of Grunge, for his highly influential distinctive sonically distorted guitar riffage and who played last Friday night to a packed Ericsson Stadium of adoring fans young, old and possibly elderly.

Upon arrival it was immediately obvious that even in my rush to get a good spot I was not nearly as keen as some folk who must have camped out a good hour before me, as at least half of the ground between the entrance barriers and stage was already chocka, with still an hour and a half to go. Following a blinding set by the Arctic Monkeys and a very short wait (the BDO does a great scheduling job). The moment arrived as Neil Young and his band (back up singers, steel guitar, piano and organ, rhythm guitar, banjo, bass and drums) stepped on stage and made everyone’s year with a set that sent emotions raising, as thunderous applause, tears, and general adoration flooded throughout the stadium. Running through a lifetime of greatest hits he moved seamlessly between electric and acoustic, busting out ‘Old Black’ (his 1953 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop) for the heavier numbers. Highlights included Powderfinger, Cinnamon Girl, Hey Hey My My (into the black), Needle and the damage done, Heart of Gold (a cute moment, when his harmonica stand broke and he had to start again, apologising to the crowd, who applauded all the harder, as if to say “You can do anything Neil”) Old Man and the wonderful Cortez the Killer (As soon as the guitar riff kicked in, I almost burst into tears).

Playing better than anyone I have seen that is half his age and with the professionalisim and ease of the seasoned player that he is Neil Young is still rocking hard in the free world and I thank the Big Day Out for having given us the opportunity to be part of one of the most wonderful live gigs I have had the pleasure to attend.

MZA January 2009

Poetry Idol – Fri 30th Jan


Friday 30th January 2009 at Kreation 191 Tuam St CHCH

Christchurch’s only monthly fusion of stand-up poetry, performance comedy and spokenword,

Bring your cushion, your beverage and $10 and be prepared to be dazzled, pleasantly surprised or absolutely disgusted.

Your host for the night – the one and only Captain Glanville – with guests sharing stories, poems, favorite songs and even real life

Punch and Judy for your visual pleasure.

Be here at 730pm, show ends at 10 followed by a wee dance under a flashing light – tunes provided by one very funky deejay –Anonymous

This event bought to you by Matt’s Melodrama

A Rent Party

Hey here is an example of a poem:

Intellectual minds gathering tonight

Debating ideas developing conquest

I’m stoked to have met all you guys

You are brilliance hiding in disguise

Cheers boys have a good night

Admiring conquest