Kings, Queens, Princesses, Princes, Lords & Ladies. Music Royalty.

Music royalty, mostly. Perhaps it is the title hour . . . but then I didn’t play any misters or misses .  . . anyhow, I had lots of fun doing  this one – hope you enjoyed it too!

I am now off to have Winnies (thanks Winnies!) with my other drive host friends….Cam, Hamish, David & Benet. Perhaps I shall play camp mother & tell them off as noone else updates this other than David & I!


Love Lady Annie


The Heinrich Maneuvre – Interpol (known as the Princes of Darkness)

Red Morning Light – The Kings of Leon

Milk – The Kings of Leon

Misfit Love – The Queens of the Stone Age

Have I ever mentioned how much I ❤ Josh Homme? HOT HOT HOT. Actually that goes for the Kings of Leon & Interpol in this theme aswell.

Random – Lady Sovereign

Quitting Smoking Song – Princess Superstar

Paris S’enflamme – Ladyhawke

You Take My Breath Away – Queen

Unforgettable – Nat King Cole

Four Kicks – The Kings of Leon


Mellow Wednesday

A relatively mellow, downbeat show today. Hope things are going well for you as autumn creeps in

Shocking Pinks – You Can Make Me Feel Bad

Architecture in Helsinki – Maybe You Can Owe Me

Fur Patrol – Short Way To Fall

You Say Party! We Say Die! – Apocalypse Meow

Modest Mouse – Dramamine

*Gig Guide*

Video Kid – Runnin

The Kills – Black Balloon

TV On The Radio – Family Tree

Teacups – Birds

Sonic Youth – Superstar

Haunted Love – Alonso Phillipe

Lullatone – A Miniature Finale

Monday Night Feature – Food Music!

Was about time I did a feature of one of my favourite things … FOOD!!
So the songs aren’t necessarily about food, but they will at least mention them in some way. Enjoy!

Milk – The Kings of Leon ( milk . . . except apparently I have completely missed the somewhat naughty point of this tune – dear oh dear so wet behind the ears am I )

Merry Happy – Kate Nash ( cheese on toast)

Erykah Badu – Honey

Yo La Tengo – Sugarcube . . . great video by the way!

Mon Petit Poisson Avec Beats – Teacups ( fish, & tea of course!)

If you loved them as much as I did visit their myspace

Interpol – No I in Threesome (wine)

Bob Dylan – Apple Suckling Tree

James Brown – Mother Popcorn

The Flaming Lips – She Don’t Use Jelly (cheese, butter, tangerines toast & more!)

Blondie – Eat to the Beat

I’m hungry now! Time for my weekly date with Chopsticks!


Wed Drive Play List

Hey, hope you enjoyed the show today. Enjoy the sunshine while you can!

So So Modern – Skeleton Dance (Live)

Liars – It Fit When I Was A Kid (Crystal Castles Remix).

Kittentank – You People

Benga & Coki – Night

Metronomy – Heart Rate Rapid

Radiohead – Hunting Bears

TV On The Radio – Red Dress

Crystal Castles – Alice Practice

High Places – Visions The First

Mt Pleasant – Song With X

Teacups – Magic Song

Lawrence Arabia – Beautiful Young Crew

Animal Collective – Brother Sport

Ruby Suns – Give Advice

Til next week, -David x x

Hot gigs

Hey, hope you’ve been having a nice week. Over the next few weeks in Chch there are some really, really fun gigs coming up. I played a few bands that are gonna be rockin the city – go check ’em out!

Wondercastle – Leave You (Request for James)

*DDD, BBE, D-Rad + Sets play at the Bedford, Fri 13th, $20*

Die! Die! Die! – Death to the last romantic

Bang Bang Eche – Fingers in the Till

Sets – Bat Bans

Disasteradio – Three Minute Rave

*Gig Guide*

*L. Arabia + Sneaks play at Dux, Sat 21st, $15 presales*

The Sneaks – Liquor in Chaps

Lawrence Arabia – Eye A

*Connan + Lil Pics play at the Dux, Thurs 19th, $15*

Connan Mockasin  – Egon Hosford

Little Pictures – I Wish I Could Keep You

*Grouper, Pumice + Roy Montgomery play Thurs 19th at St Lukes Church, $10

Grouper – Fishing Bird

Pumice – Sick Bay Duvet

Insurgents – Feeling Put Out — *Playing in April at the Dux*

NASA – Way Down

Tommy Ill – Super Heroes

Lucky Lasts

Hello! On the show today, I played the last tracks from various albums. A good final track can leave you wanting more, or be the perfect end to an album. I also interviewed Mr. Quintron – what a nice guy! Check him out at He’s playing Chch on Mar 12th at Al’s. It’s going to be an amazing show

Quintron Interview

The Insurgents – Ezi Luvas 69

The Enright House – We Might As Well  Have Stayed Young

*Gig Guide*

Polka Dot Dot Dot – Bright Smile

Architecture in Helsinki – What’s In Store?

Arcade Fire – In The Backseat

Shocking Pinks – Nostalgia

Los Campesinos! – The Year Punk Broke (My Heart)

The Brunettes – Your Heart Dies

Monday Night Feature – Mononymous Musicians

You have to be pretty famous to become known by one single word. Madonna,  Elvis,  Prince . . . the list goes on! Somehow when people think of Annie I suspect this image comes to mind first . . .


Not these characters however, for mononymous are they!


What It Seems – Module

Anti Anti – Bonaparte

Loser – Beck

Slide In – Goldfrapp

Days to Come – Bonobo

Halftime – Nas

Irish Blood, English Heart – Morrissey

Cream – Prince (teehee you have to love it!!)

I Feel It All – Feist

Hope you enjoyed