Fat Freddys Drop – Dr. Boondigga & The Big B.W. – Reviewed By Joe Dodgshun

Just as Fat Freddys’ hit debut Based On a True Story was an album drenched with lazy summertime dub inspiring both countless BBQ evenings in the back yard and the pure disdain of one Simon Sweetman, Dr. Boondigga And The Big B.W. is the ‘Drop in winter lockdown mode, proofing against the cold with a maturation period of four years yielding a mix of predominantly soul heavy tracks peppered with embers of jazz, reggae and dub.

DJ Mu has more of a hand in the second outing as witnessed by the increase in synth handiwork alongside retro keyboards in tracks such as Big BW with the reverb laden line dropped amongst supremely slow burning grooves before propping up the madness of Frankenstein-like Shiverman, which at 10 minutes 36 s is prevented from reaching overwrought jam status by possession of a pounding beat, mutating rhythms and a horn- drop to die for.

Boondigga is as smooth as smooth can be, sadly The Raft, is a semi-standard Freddys’ of yore reggae piece that  doesn’t quite stand up to the standard of originality posed by the majority of the tracks. Much more satisfaction is derived from the radio-friendly dub of Pull The Catch and the laid back bluesy riffs of FFD guitarist Jetlag Johnson and sultry tones of Alice Russell meld with those of Joe Dukie to perfection to pull out the sun on The Camel.

The Nod is a fiery track to burn away even the dreary aches and chilblains of  the frigid south, making up for the downright inane vocals much of which involve cooking in the kitchen (perhaps prepping for a FFD/Food In A Minute crossover?) with a tasty concoction of funky jazz and  kooky brass blowouts.

Wild Wind comes across as somewhat of a wasted opportunity, and thankfully Dr. Boondigga clocks out on a high note with Breakthrough beginning with several minutes of ambient noodling before breaking into a euphoria laden FFD classic leaving this reviewer longing for summer to roll around once again..

Approximately 4.4725/5 Stars


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