Radio One 91FM – A Century Of Seasons. Reviewed by Joe Dodgshun

Radio One 91FM – A Century Of Seasons


Radio One

Reviewed by Joe Dodgshun

If you have ever been intrigued when someone speaks of the ‘Dunedin sound’, then I highly recommend getting your hands on this meaty little compilation. While the Dunedin sound championed by Flying Nun Records has typically been viewed as a portmanteau of low fidelity production and jangly guitar, as evidenced by A Century Of Seasons it has now morphed into a far more complex character. Boasting 40 tracks sprawled over a two-disk set (one disc retro, the other ‘Nowtro’), in order to celebrate their 25th birthday Radio One trawl back through the local annals to explore the music that made and still continues to make Dunedin a hotbed of  underground music activity.

Retro kicks off with a haunting rendition of the iconic track Pink Frost from The Chills recorded live in Auckland’s Rumba Bar in 1982 (incidentally, a year before the death of drummer Martyn Bull), before name checking the likes of Double Happys, Look Blue Go Purple, The Puddle, The Bats, The Verlaines and Cloudboy. In addition to such classics, there are gems such as the gleeful hysteria of David Mitchell’s Dead Dog In Port Chalmers and the rabid feedback of High Dependency Unit’s Fauxtekra, before closing the late 2000s with entries from Die!Die!Die! and The Clean. Surprisingly, Chris Knox and particularly his bands The Enemy, and Toy Love are nowhere to be seen.

Nowtro reflects the diversity blossoming towards the end of disc one, entering with the epic grandeur of soundscapists Operation Rolling Thunder (A Matter Of Space). It then moves on to showcase the latest exponents of classic Dunedin guitar style from The Tweeks, The Alpha State, Onanon and the overtly psychedelic Hombre from The Aesthetics. For absence of a better term, Soulseller let loose gritty stoner rock on Year Of The Dog, Knives At Noon let loose synth-rock with Purple Star, Haunted Love play dreamy pop, Nightshade ft Sarah Callander provide soul’n’bass à lá Shapeshifter, SoNic Smith brings glitchy electronica, you get the idea… Nowtro also ups the experimentation stakes with tracks from The Autoharpies (sounds like a young goat being tortured) and Brains, who, while sounding far more cohesive than the former, assail with grating atmospherics and a punk ethos.

A Century Of Seasons shows that amongst expanding genres and experimentation the Dunedin sound of yore prevails even today, but more importantly than retaining any one particular sound, the pioneering spirit of that time is alive and kicking.


Wed Drive – P4K’s Top 10 of the 00’s

Possilby jumping the gun a little, Pitchfork did their Top 500 Songs of the 00 Decade. I liked it quite a lot, so played most of the tracks. Stay tuned for lists of the my own later in the year

10 – Aracde Fire – Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)

9 – Animal Collective – My Girls

8 – Radiohead – Idioteque

7 – Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On

6 – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps

5 – Daft Punk – One More Time

2 – M.I.A – Paper Planes

2 – LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends

1 – Outkast – B. O. B.

Brian Wilson – Roll Plymoth Rock

The Chills – Pink Frost (live)

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Monday Drive with MZA 24/08/2009

Today we spoke to the lovely Tyra Hammond on the release of the new Opensouls album ‘Standing in the Rain’, our Jukebox Banger of the week was Kanye West’s massive hit ‘Jesus Walks’ and the hour of pleasure got into a bit of shoegazing….as seen below..Peace! MZA xoxo

Primal Scream – Higher than the Sun – Screamedelica
PJ Harvey – Angelene – Is this Desire
The Charlatans – My beautiful friend – The Charlatans UK
Patti Smith – Gloria – Horses
New Order – True Faith – Substance 1987
Unkle – In a State – Never Never Land
The Cure – A Forest – Mixed Up
Joy Division – Love will Tear us apart – Substance
On U Sound – Bronski Beat mash up – 12′ EP…….

‘Wacky’ Wednesday

Here’s the play list for the Constant Good Times hour. Awesome-as!

Yeasayer – Tightrope

Tiddabades – Romance Dance

The Mint Chicks – Hot On Your Heels

Winter Palace – Feathers

Radiohead – These Are My Twisted Words

Ruby Suns – Give Advice

Having a Baby (Liam/Lawrence/Connan/EJ) – Havin’ A Baby

Los Campesinos! – We Are Beautfiul, We Are Doomed

Metronomy – Heartbreaker

The Smith Westerns – Girl In Love

Here We Go Magic – I Just Want To See You Underwater

Beaches – Beaches Album Review





It has always been a strange footnote at the bottom of music history, the subtle fact that too many New Zealand bands disappear over to the Great Oz, end up staying and they never return, coupled with the horrible knowledge that tragically few Australian bands come to play shows in New Zealand. That doesn’t stop great music from entering the country in disc form, though. Hailing from Victoria (that’s the Victoria over the ‘”ducchh”, not to be confused with Pretoria, that’s in a different continent) and comprising of some rather sweet-looking ladies, Beaches have managed to squeeze out a fantastically rough debut mushed together out of a deliciously sweet pop ideology smothered in fuzz and a distinctively Australian style of riot-grrrl awesomeness (never sussed out how many r’s are meant to be in grrrl, my apologies), it verges oh-so-very-close on self-indulgence but steps on the right side of that line; a line too often crossed, in my opinion.

Their self-titled debut opens with the minuteandahalf fuzz-out ‘Two Days Passed By’, squeezing 60’s psychedelia with surf and shitgaze and it sets the standard for the rest of the record. Although largely instrumental, the euphoric moments come when a nameless set of voices lets loose their ghostly majesty swimming underneath tracks like ‘Sandy’ and ‘The Rip’. The guitars swoon and drone, screech and throttle, all backed by chaotically simple drum beats, thrown together in a veritable melting-pot of genres that are almost too many to list. It’s fair to say that Sonic Youth’s most blissed-out moments were key in inspiring this record but the sheer brutality and density of songs like ‘Vikings’ make the whole trip worthwhile. The sheer sonic infinity of the first half of the record is simply stunning to say the least, most songs turning in to sound collages by the 3rd minute.

Something struck me while writing this review: it’s awfully hard to write about a band whose songs predominantly sound the same, but are equally fantastic. They all bristle with menace and a late-80’s no-wave don’tgiveafuck sensibility; similarly impressive seeing as Beaches is entirely made up of females (yeah, see, the Sonic Youth reference isn’t wholly unjustified). Verging on lo-fi, questionably close to the post-punk revival happening at the moment, and treading the same footpath as many before them, Beaches ultimately deliver on what is essentially one song, broken in to twelve parts with different names. But seriously, who gives a fuck-andahalf about the politics of it when they make noise this utterly thrilling.

– James Donaldson

Monday Drive with MZA 17/08/2009

Hey Yall! Today 2 homegrown albums dropped…Fly my Pretties ‘A Story’ complete with DVD and Opensouls ‘Standing in the Rain’..we spoke with the lovely Lisa Tomlins about FMP and next Monday have the pleasure of chatting to Opensouls diva Tyra Hammond. Todays hour of pleasure was bought to you by Lovesongs…this is the playlist…have a lovely week…MZA xx

Jukebox Banger of the week: The Beatles
‘Eleanor Rigby’ -Revolver

The Cure – Lovesong – Mixed Up
New Order – Bizzare Love Triangle -Substance 1987
Dandy Warhols – Bohemian like me – 13 tales of Urban Bohemia
Pet Shop Boys – Love comes quickly – Please
Tom Waits/Bette Midler – Never Talk to Strangers – Bounced Checks
Massive Attack – One Love – Blue Lines
Yazoo – Only You – Upstairs At Erics
The Roots – You Got me – The beginners guide to the Roots Vol 1
Outkast – Miss Jackson – 12″ single
Brianjonestown Massacre – Open Heart Surgery – Tepid Peppermint Tea Party