FREE!! HQ RDU Streaming Online on UC Campus

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Hey there,

Due to the amazing and generous efforts of Matt Stewart from UCSA‘s CompSoc RDU 98.5 FM can now be streamed online almost anyway on the University of Canterbury campus. Pretty much anyone who has a computer with access to the UC computer network, both physically plugged in and via WiFi, can listen to a high quality audio feed and with no cost to your Uni data account.

There are a few ways to access this, with the easiest way being to type rdu:985 into your internet browser and then click on ‘Listen’, then click ‘OK’ and this will open the audio stream in your default audio player.

Or simply click here

This stream has been tested with the following audio players:
VLC Media Player
Windows Media Player

Although with Windows Media Player you will need to follow this procedure:
Click on >File >Open URL…
and then enter this: http://rdu:985

If you have any feedback on this service please either email myself –  benet (at) or Matt – matt (at) mattls (dot) com

Dr Hitchcock


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