Monday Drive with MZA 17/08/2009

Hey Yall! Today 2 homegrown albums dropped…Fly my Pretties ‘A Story’ complete with DVD and Opensouls ‘Standing in the Rain’..we spoke with the lovely Lisa Tomlins about FMP and next Monday have the pleasure of chatting to Opensouls diva Tyra Hammond. Todays hour of pleasure was bought to you by Lovesongs…this is the playlist…have a lovely week…MZA xx

Jukebox Banger of the week: The Beatles
‘Eleanor Rigby’ -Revolver

The Cure – Lovesong – Mixed Up
New Order – Bizzare Love Triangle -Substance 1987
Dandy Warhols – Bohemian like me – 13 tales of Urban Bohemia
Pet Shop Boys – Love comes quickly – Please
Tom Waits/Bette Midler – Never Talk to Strangers – Bounced Checks
Massive Attack – One Love – Blue Lines
Yazoo – Only You – Upstairs At Erics
The Roots – You Got me – The beginners guide to the Roots Vol 1
Outkast – Miss Jackson – 12″ single
Brianjonestown Massacre – Open Heart Surgery – Tepid Peppermint Tea Party


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