Wednesday Drive, February 16th

Hi! I’ve been away for two weeks (many thanks to Andrew for covering my show!); I was up north at Laneway and Campus A Low Hum. Both were great, and I played a bunch of Camp(us) bands in the Constant Good Time hour…

Radiohead – These Are My Twisted Words (new album soon!)

Arcade Fire – Rococo (won a Grammy!)

Hold Dear – Electrons

St Rupertsberg – In Albania

Chelsea Jade & James Duncan – Skyfall

Glass Vaults – They Will Grow

Secret Knives – The Garden

Paper Ghost – Town Planners

The Parking Lot Experiments – Snowcone

Tiger Choir – Shotgun

Pond – Sunlight Cardigan

Toro y Moi – Still Sound

Caribou – Bowls


Tuesday Drive- CALH special

Yes we did a Campus A low Hum Special tonight. Some great abnds coming over for this and many of them are touring nz and will be in chch, i HIGHLY reccommend you check them out if they do.

Parking Lot Experiments- Flying Colours (AUST)

Rat vs Possum- Binti Jua (AUST)

Disasteradio- Gravy Rainbow (NZ)

My Disco- Olive Oil (AUST)

Captain Ahab- Feel Anymore (USA)

Leno Lovecraft-  Cybernetic (NZ)

Toro Y Moi – Freak Love (USA)

High Places- Namer (USA)

The Ocean Floor- Whats the Dream? (USA)– live to air on drive in 2 weeks!

Tiger Choir- Vultures (AUST)

The Sneaks- Cocaine Mouth (NZ)

Coasting- Snoozefest (USA)

Low Tide- No Horizon (AUST)

I’ll still be away at campus next week so see you in 2 weeks time. We’ll have The Ocean Floor in for a live to air which will be exciting!

Tuesday Drive 1st of Feb!

Ah Big week/weekend ahead. We spoke to the Sneaks about their show with Coasting (NY)! Super looking forward to it and you should come down on Thursday night to Wunderbar and party. Won’t run very late. Also Sora Shima from Hamilton in town Thurs and Fri playing at the Dux and El Santo respectively. Like I said lots on this weekend. Gonna be a nice hot week, enjoy yourself and take care!! x


Tonight’s list is a little eclectic. Hope you enjoyed it.


The Clean- Beatnik

Architecture in Helsinki- Where You’ve Been Heading

cLOUDDEAD- Dead Dogs Two

The Drums- Me and the Moon (Mathew Dear Remix)

Fuck Buttons- Phantom Limbs

Toe- You Go

Neutral Milk Hotel- In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Toro Y Moi- New Beat

Big Colour- Playing Puzzles

47 Diamantes- What Became of Us? -get their new EP its awesome!!

You Say Party! We Say Die!- He! She! You!Me! They! We! Us! OK!

Lady Killer- M.I.A/ DIPLO