Tuesday Drive- CALH special

Yes we did a Campus A low Hum Special tonight. Some great abnds coming over for this and many of them are touring nz and will be in chch, i HIGHLY reccommend you check them out if they do.

Parking Lot Experiments- Flying Colours (AUST)

Rat vs Possum- Binti Jua (AUST)

Disasteradio- Gravy Rainbow (NZ)

My Disco- Olive Oil (AUST)

Captain Ahab- Feel Anymore (USA)

Leno Lovecraft-  Cybernetic (NZ)

Toro Y Moi – Freak Love (USA)

High Places- Namer (USA)

The Ocean Floor- Whats the Dream? (USA)– live to air on drive in 2 weeks!

Tiger Choir- Vultures (AUST)

The Sneaks- Cocaine Mouth (NZ)

Coasting- Snoozefest (USA)

Low Tide- No Horizon (AUST)

I’ll still be away at campus next week so see you in 2 weeks time. We’ll have The Ocean Floor in for a live to air which will be exciting!


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